“Antarctica flags initiative”

We are some students of 1st of ESO and we are doing the elective subject “Between Arctic and Antarctica” in English.

Two weeks ago we designed a flag for Antarctica to participate in the “Antarctica Day Flags initiative”, coordinated by the UK Polar Network. The flags are sent to the UKPN, where flags from schools are paired with researchers and station staff that are heading down to Antarctica for the Austral Summer (November-January). The flags are then transported all the way to Antarctica with these “flag bearers”.

Antarctica does not have an official flag because it does not belong to only one country, so we decided to design a flag that can represent Antarctica. 

Each one of us drew a flag and then we chose the one that better represented the group.

In the chosen flag, one can see different characteristics of Antarctica: animals, snow, and the most important thing, peace. We all want to represent it as a continent of opportunities, no wars, no weapons, a country for all living beings.

In summer, scientific expeditions travel to Antarctica to develop their research projects.They  need to cooperate to make it easier for everyone to live. For this reason,  all countries which have a scientific base are represented in our flag.

Finally our flag has reached Antarctica!

Students from 1st ESO 2021-22 “Between the Arctic and Antarctica”

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